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            Career Exploration

            Product Image Item Name- Price
            Green Jobs
            Green Jobs
            Price: $208.95

            RIASEC at Work
            RIASEC at Work
            Not everybody is right for every job, a...
            Price: $208.95

            New Products For April - DVD Videos

            Basic Personality Inventory (BPI) : On-line

            Format: Online Order Number: SAS-400-51...

            PD Messenger Style Bag

            Every professional needs the right plac...

            Career Exploration Inventory-EZ (CEI-EZ), 2nd Ed.

            The CEI EZ is the perfect interest inve...

            50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

            One of our best sellers, this is a...

            50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence

            Part of our best-selling 50 Activities ...

            Polarity Management

            Help your employees discover and develo...

            Stories They Will Remember

            Have you ever needed just the right sto...

            Managing Anger in the Workplace

            We've all dealt with angry people, ...

            Career Dimensions Online

            Single - $6.00 each 10 + - $5.50 each 1...

            PD In a Virtual World 2nd Edition

            This Personality Dimensions® Guide ...

            COPSystem-P - Online

            -  Range: Grades 6-12, Colleg...

            PD Conflict Management Toolkit

            In life and work, conflict is hard to a...

            Job Search Steps That Get Results - Over 50

            Job seekers who are proactive in the jo...

            Transition-to-Work Inventory (TWI)

            With this best-selling, easy-to-use ass...

            PD Buttons - Inquiring Green

            To leave a greater, lasting effect with...


            Featured Products - DVD Videos

            PD Basics - Participant Packs (English version)

            PD Basics is designed to meet two needs...

            PD @ School Dimensions Cards (English version)

            PD @ School Cards  are designed to...

            PD for Youth Foundations Facilitator Guide

            The PD for Youth Foundations Facilitato...

            Career Q-Cards

            With ASPECT’s Career Q-Cards, hel...

            Sales Wheel

            The revolutionary Sales Wheel is w...

            Participant Packs (Chinese version)

            The Personality Dimensions® Pa...

            Participant Packs (Spanish version)

            The Personality Dimensions® Pa...

            COPSystem - Online

            -  Range: Grades 6-12, Colleg...

            Participant Packs (English version)

            The Personality Dimensions® Pa...

            CAPS Self-Scoring Booklet

            *** Includes Summary Score Sheets *** -...

            Colour Savvy

            How can you succeed and thrive in the c...

            Sales Dimensions

            Help sales professionals increase their...

            PD for Youth - Participant Packs (English Version)

            The Personality Dimensions® Pa...

            Lighter Side of Talking in Colour Video

            The Lighter Side of Talking in Colour ...

            Participant Packs (French version)

            The Personality Dimensions® Pa...

            Employability Skills Curriculum

            Employability skills are essential to s...

            Job Well Done

            Getting a job is often not as difficult...

            Career Values Card Sort

            A simple tool that allows clients to pr...



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