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            Dealing With Conflict

            About Dealing With Conflict

            An all time Best Seller!!  This simple and easy to use conflict instrument assesses five conflict-handling styles that are effective ways of dealing with conflict.  With this instrument it is easy for participants to learn the positive uses of each style and the most appropriate conflict style to use in any given specific business circumstance. Also available in French.

            Dealing with Conflict is an ideal classroom style, self scoring assessment booklet for teaching professionals, managers, supervisors or employees how to work toward effective conflict solutions.

            The instrument presents 5 conflict styles----accommodate, avoid, compromise, compete, and collaborate. By completing the DCI, you will learn about your own natural style tendencies. Narrative in the assessment booklet enables participants to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each style. Participants explore the characteristics of each conflict style in order to develop greater style flexibility. Learn how to analyze a conflict to decide which style is best for a given situation and ensure you can affect the outcome in positive ways.

            - Participants learn their dominant and secondary conflict styles.
            - Participants become more flexible in regards to conflict and learn to collaborate toward a solution in most situations.
            - Improved conflict resolution helps the organization reduce workplace stress.

            Dealing with Conflict is similar in style to the Thomas Kilman conflict mode instrument. Trainers appreciate its ease of use and clearly written descriptions. The Dealing with Conflict paper/pencil assessment is often used in a classroom learning setting. Participants can be guided through completing and scoring the assessment as well as additional skill building exercises by using the Dealing with Conflict Participant Coursebook. The coursebook follows the workshop outlined in the Dealing with Conflict Leaders Guide.

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